Tax Preparation & Strategies

Let WRDR be your advisor and work to build a strategy that fits your needs

WRDR provides tax planning and reporting services to support businesses, executives inside the company, not-for-profit organizations and individuals. Taxes have a substantial impact on a company’s bottom line, and our experienced professionals are trained in the complex and often difficult to understand issues, including tax incentives and credits.

Create a Tax Plan
Every organization and individual should have a tax plan. We help clients view taxes as a process and not an annual event. Our professionals develop tax plans for clients to maximize the tax saving potential from significant events in their personal and business life. Equipment or real estate decisions, acquisition or sale of a business, succession issues, college funding, family gifting, philanthropic strategies, eldercare, and wealth management are examples of our support.

Accounting for Business & Organizations

  • Tax Planning & Projections
  • Federal, State & Local Return Preparation
  • 990 Return Preparation & Filing
  • Exempt Status Applications
  • Payroll & Sales Tax Filings
  • Enterprise Zone Tax Credits
  • Benefit Plan Analysis
  • R&D Studies & Cost Segregation
  • Succession, Transition & Exit Planning
  • IRS Communications

Accounting Services for Individuals

  • Personal Return Planning & Preparation
  • Employee Stock Option Tax Planning
  • College & Retirement Planning
  • Estate Plans & Trusts
  • Family Gifting & Philanthropic Strategies
  • IRS Communications

Trust, Estate and Gift Services

WRDR understands your desire to manage and protect family wealth and can help meet your wealth-transfer goals. We can develop a plan for transferring your assets to minimize gift and estate taxes and maximize asset preservation. We can coordinate with your attorney and executor on the accounting and business aspects of administering your estate.

Mediation with Taxing Authorities

There are well over 5,000 taxing jurisdictions. No one looks forward to the prospect of being audited by a taxing authority. However, investigations and audits are a possibility for every taxpayer, even those who maintain best practices. We have extensive experience in representing clients in conjunction with federal, state and local audits in the areas of income, franchise, sales, use and payroll tax audits.

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